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  1. After your order we will send you one questionnaire to the desired logo or banner.
  2. Her We discuss inputs then in detail, for example on the phone or in chat.
  3. Then our designers develop in consultation an individual banner / logo design for you.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the result, we will send you the image files as well as source files the banner and a short integration guide

If there are only textual changes and eg the exchange of a product image, this will be very cheap. Usually between 10€ and 30€ depending on the number of change requests and necessary adjustments to the layout structure.

Yes. You will get one if possible Individual banner or logo design tailored precisely to you, which is usually based on the corporate design of your company. In the case of campaigns for festivities such as Christmas or Easter, it can of course happen that some objects such as snowflakes, Easter eggs, etc. look similar on several banners.

This process usually takes less than a minute.

In the product description you can easily place the banner image at the beginning of the description, for example. We'll show you how.

If you have an Ebay shop or your own online shop, you can replace the main image with our banner in the shop settings with a few clicks.

Yes. Again, this is very easy.
We share this with you a single line of HTML code with, which you insert eg at the beginning of your template code. Then the banner will be displayed at the top of the product listing. This also works in other places in the template, for example in the middle or at the bottom.

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